#photoadayApril – A Photo a Day Challenge

Besides writing and art-making, I also love photography. I’ve owned a camera since I was a little girl in the early 1960s – a small Box Brownie and still have the first black and white image I took that day…my parents and sisters posing on a jetty in far north Queensland.

I’ll keep adding to the images in the PHOTO A DAY APRIL challenge – following a different theme every day.  

Here’s my GALLERY so far. Hover your cursor to see the image’s theme. Click for a large image. 


6 thoughts on “#photoadayApril – A Photo a Day Challenge

  1. I guess they stay in our facebook photo pages and on blogs. At the end I’ll turn all mine into a new gallery or maybe slideshow. I’ll be in Hobart soon, must catch up! 🙂


  2. Sheryl this is awesome. You can tell a story with photos as well as you can with words. What happens with all these photos at the end of the challenge?


  3. And it does show Sheryl. I do as well but my ‘eye’ is not as descriminating as some. Lack of talent will never stop me however. Somewhere amidst the 6 billion random shot, a keeper lurks 🙂 Any we all know it only takes one 😉


  4. Anyone can click the shutter button Sheryl. But those who can capture moments, as can you, I admire. You make us shutterbugs proud Sheryl! Good luck with the April Challenge.


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