Do you act like a CLOWN or a PRINCESS?

This is how Claire Saxby begins our ‘Celebrating Princess Clown Blog Tour‘  interview on her LET’S HAVE WORDS blog today. It was the first of several subtle, insightful and quirky questions …

Are you a princess or a clown? Or both?

Very funny question, Claire, and rather astute too, I suspect. I’m a bit of both. Clowns and princesses look like they may be extroverted, but both wear masks to mask their true feelings. Sometimes, it’s worthwhile not showing what you really think – maybe that’s the diplomat in me. I don’t act like a ‘princessy-princess though – especially with fashion. I don’t like high heels and uncomfortable clothes – so I could never wear a crown!

PS Wonder why my husband laughed when I said I don’t act like a princess?

What are some Highlights and Lowlights of writing for the education market? ……

For the answer and the rest of Claire’s and my interview, check out her site, Let’s Have Words.

Claire Saxby is a popular Australian children’s author. Her work includes fiction like Sheep, Goat and the Creaking Gate, There was an Old Sailor and many, many more. She also writes non-fiction and poetry for children.


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