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Not waving … drowning!

Amity Beach, Stradbroke Island, off Brisbane.
Amity Beach, Stradbroke Island, off Brisbane.

This blog has been silent for a couple of weeks – not just because I’ve been caught up in the increasingly ferocious (well, as ferocious as authors get) Parallel Importation of Books debate, but because of three looming writing deadlines I must fulfill before mid-May. Yes, it feels like drowning…

Good news is, two have been reached and dispatched. ONE MORE TO GO! And I’m off to Stradbroke Island for the long weekend with notebook in tow and ideas in my head.

For those of you who don’t know the joys of Straddie – it’s an island off the coast of Brisbane, a jewel in Moreton Bay.  Stradbroke Island is the sort of place everyone needs to escape to every now and then to lift the spirits.

Have included two images.

I’ve included in this post the link to another blog I write…   dénouement

It’s an ‘enjoying writing blog’ as opposed to a ‘hard-slog-blog’  such as this one.

Straddie Island - a haven for a writer.