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How to make happy young readers

Just read an article in the UK’s The Guardian online (Vanessa Thorpe – The Observer) that is worth reading and considering Parents ‘must let children choose what to read’

Michael Norris, an American publishing expert, will release findings in the monthly Book Publishing Report next month which show that, despite the best intentions, it is well-meaning mothers and fathers who often stop their sons and daughters from picking up the reading habit.

“Parents have too much of a role in deciding which books their child is going to read,” said Norris. “It is turning children off. They should let them choose.”

Here are his 5 tips for parents – HOW TO MAKE HAPPY YOUNG READERS:

■ Don’t make reading a chore; it is not “good” behaviour.

■ Let your child choose their own reading from a handful of selected books.

■ Don’t edit their choice by the age range on the back: see what they fancy.

■ Don’t tell them what you enjoyed when you were their age.

■ Stand back and let your child talk directly to the librarian or bookseller.