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840 kittens … resurrected

Okay, I know I said this blog was just for writing matters BUT I have to get on my soapbox just one more time in 2008.

So that’s what I posted on Christmas eve in 2008 – the issue is just as important at Christmas 2009.

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s calling in on lots of good little boys and girls, but do you think Santa would be so stupid as to leave a cute puppy or kitten under the tree? No way, Jose! That jolly old gentleman has got more brains. Mind you, there are some responsible owners who will do the right thing for their fluffy, furry, hairy little bundle over its life.

In December there’ve been over 840 kittens dumped at Brisbane’s RSPCA centre at Fairfield and they’re still counting. If they can’t find homes, they will be gassed – kaput, arrivederci, farewell and goodbye. In one year the number of cats put down number over 12,500. Add to that number the total dogs and puppies who’ll die as well. Those vets out there at Fairfield must feel like shit sometimes – they’ve trained to save animals not kill them.

The RSPCA is run by donations. Want to help? Donate. Pressure politicians to ensure people spey and neuter their cats and dogs if they’re not prepared to find good homes for the progeny. Encourage people to get their pets from the RSPCA not petshops (sorry, petshop owners, but you are part of the problem). Help out at the animal shelters.

I told you I was getting on my soapbox.  Here’s the site to donate, and you get a cute card with it….  (that particular site isn’t up for this year yet – keep an eye open for it). But here’s the RSPCA link if you want to donate now.

Have a furry good Christmas!

Nothing to do with cats and dogs - just another animal - dermestid beetles eating flesh off python.
Dermestids at work - Qld Museum.
Instead of a cat or dog for Christmas, how about a carton of friendly, useful little dermestid beetles. The world wouldn’t survive without them chewing their way through dead meat.