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Federal MP sinks the boot into Parallel Imports

Three cheers and more to Federal MP and author Graham Perrett, who today used the ALP National Conference forum to speak out passionately against any moves to allow cheaper imports of books to be sold in Australia.

This Queensland politician from the Moreton region, down by the Bay, knows what it’s all about – he’s a keen reader, an ex-High School English teacher and an author. And someone with the passion and courage to speak out against the Productivity Commission’s recommendations.

Love the man! Here’s what he said:

‘The Productivity Commission’s role is important but some things transcend what a first-year economic student could have written.

“If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.

“I’m proud of my literary culture and we should not sacrifice it on the altar of dry economics.”




You will probably have heard by now about the Productivity Commission  Report that recommends abolishing Territorial Copyright on books and so allowing the Parallel Importation of books. Many Australians are up in arms about this.

We have initiated a new blogsite to help explain our campaign and the issues behind it, and to demonstrate the breadth of opposition amongst authors, publishers, independent booksellers, parents, teachers, librarians, printers and book lovers.

The blogsite address is http://savingaussiebooks.wordpress.com/ This new website offers information (easy to understand), links, comments and access to practical ways people can contact  (and lobby) politicians, letters to the editors – and getting our concerns out to the general community.

The site also has guest bloggers willing to put their names to blog entries, (hopefully not just authors) because there’re many other professions and trades who will be affected by this change of law.

Please pass on to as many people as you can in your circles.

The timing is URGENT as the Federal Government will make its decision in the weeks ahead.  Many thanks for your interest and support.