That same day in Texas … #2

In my previous blog I shared a video, American illustrator, Mark Gregory Mitchell and I filmed when I was in Austin, Texas a few years ago.

Here is PART 2 … this time chatting about designing and illustrating the chapter heading motifs for my children’s novel, SECRETS OF EROMANGA.

Chatting about all things writing, illustrating, researching a novel

Mark is a fabulous, award-winning illustrator in the US. He is also the brains and creative energy behind the HOW TO BE A CHILDREN’S BOOK ILLUSTRATOR website.

Secrets of Eromanga was my first novel. And I have famous palaeontologist, John Long to thank for a vital part of the plot … precious Australian dinosaur fossils being smuggled out to sell on the overseas’ black market.

I also chat about what it was like to get an Australian Society of Authors’ Mentorship for this novel, and about jumping the Lothian Books’ slush pile.

Then we finish with the INSIDE STORY of researching a novel on a fossil dig in western Queensland.

Thank you again, Mark … you were a great interviewer and I hope the videos were of interest to your many followers and fans.

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