Goodbye to SCBWI leadership from me…

Not really goodbye, of course, dear SCBWI friends and colleagues from Queensland, Australia and across the globe. But after 9 years at the helm of the good ship, SCBWI Queensland, I’ve handed over the ship’s wheel and rudder to new leader, Alison Stegert. The official handover was at the recent SCBWI Qld State Conference … and I was nearly ‘undid’ by the spontaneous, standing ovation at the end. You gorgeous KidLit folk!

It’s been a wonderful nine years and I’m grateful for the chance to do what I love the most … being immersed in the KidLit industry, and helping my fellow book creators as well. I’ve gained so much as well … in confidence, knowledge, connections and friendships.

I’m so grateful for the friendships, the companionship, the learning from each other, and the collegiate relationships we’ve endeavoured to keep alive in this increasingly competitive publishing world. Truly, without a true community feeling, it’s honestly not as much fun!

Qld members having fun at the SCBWI National conference 2018

Thank you, SCBWI Qld members for your brilliant (very suitable) gifts, and your delightful messages inside the (one typo) Memory Book that Ali made. It’s a delight to read! Thanks, Ali. Also LOVE the spinning glass globe … see video above. Also a beautiful tea mug with Moroccan design (swoon), and two (large) Gift Certificates to the Queensland Performing Arts centre (so Ross and I can go catch a play or two, or a musical, or ballet or the Symphony Orchestra.) See what I mean by suitable gifts? Clever Ali and committee.

I’m hesitating to name the long list of people to thank for the last 9 (or 10?) years of pleasure and learning, in case I miss out someone’s name. You are all in my mind and heart, folks, believe me. A few immediately did come to mind … Susanne Gervay, our Aust/NZ leader; our SCBWI Qld team – Ann Harth, Ali Stegert, Angela Sunde and Jacqui Halpin; Jo Sandhu; Dimity Powell; Peter Taylor; Pam Rushby; Tina Clark; and so many more of you.

And I’m sure, Ali Stegert, the new SCBWI Qld head will relish her role. It’s a great honour, and Ali is definitely up to the task! Enjoy it, my friend!!!

I’ll be writing more often now … yes, you may remind me of this fact if you see me too much on social media! I have the task of finishing my beloved novel, the story of my heart, The Four Seasons of Caterina.
And then next on the list to finish is my other work-in-progress. (I’ll get there, Lisa B!)

I’m also spending more time with my darling toddler granddaughter, Ava, a most interesting little soul already. We read books together, explore Mt Coot-tha’s Botanical Gardens, ride the ferries, buses and trains, fly kites at Burleigh Heads Beach, have picnics in the back yard, eat olives from the jar with King Island Smoked Cheddar and a million other things.

We have a significant job … creating books for children and young adults to love, to keep as friends, to challenge, to help develop their minds and hearts, and most of all, to keep them on even keels in an increasingly uncertain world. Go forth and multiply, KidLit creators.”
Love from Sheryl xx


2 thoughts on “Goodbye to SCBWI leadership from me…

  1. You’re one in a mill, Sheryl. Enjoy your write time, me time and Nana time. These are the right times after all. I for one have enjoyed every single one of our past times together. Lung vita!! xxx


  2. Bon voyage, Sheryl! (Not that you’re even leaving town), but you’re leaving a Big Little Island teeming with friends, and setting off upon a slightly wilder seascape where the muses blow (and sometimes suck) and the waves of inspiration and laundry-folding go up and down, up and down …
    Bon chance!
    Bon voyage.
    See you around the traps, hopefully again soon!

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