Small Beginnings, 14: Sheryl Gwyther

Thank you, Sophie Masson for including me in this interesting blog series, SMALL BEGINNINGS. writing with crocodiles in cairns 

Feathers of the Firebird

Small Beginnings–in the wilds of far north Queensland, by Sheryl Gwyther

With sisters and cousin--I'm the cheeky one! With sisters and cousin–I’m the cheeky one!

Is creativity part of our genetic makeup? Perhaps. But I know for sure – living an unrestricted, happy-go-lucky childhood in far north Queensland in the early 60s was the genesis of my creative life.

I’ve always made things, even when I was small – from doll-houses out of cardboard boxes and miniature furniture out of matchboxes, drawing and painting pictures, to building cubbyhouses in trees that doubled as Tarzan’s home, pirate ships, smugglers’ caves, dragon lairs or a princess’s castle.

My younger sisters (Meryl and Robyn), and I didn’t own many kids’ books. Our Aladdin’s Cave was the Innisfail public library in far north Queensland. It’s where I discovered the joys of Narnia and Enid Blyton el al, and where my journey to being a writer began.

Those stories fed our…

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