Crazy about story-making

I’m a STORY-MAKING ADDICT, a bona fide member of the SMnsA – STORY-MAKERS, not so ANONYMOUS. For this global community of creators, there is no cure. If you are inflicted, your only way to scratch the itch is to make stories … novels, short stories, even plays. It’s not harmful. It gives pleasure (in large amounts) and to others. It drives you nuts sometimes. It can also kick you when you’re down. Hey, just ask my writerly friends … they all agree.

Ideas for stories are everywhere … just keep your eyes and mind open and trust your imagination, they will surface.flash fiction is addictive

I’ve embarked on a writing discipline quest (besides the novels I have on the go) – it’s a challenge to write 52 short/short stories using a set topic word for inspiration. My own 52-Week Flash Fiction Challenge is up to Week 9. A couple of times as a Friday approaches, I fear I can’t do it, but out pops an idea and a story. 

Flash Fiction is a great genre to try out at any level of writing confidence and experience. I’ve been a practicing author for fourteen years. I’ve learned that you must trust what is in your head and your heart. It doesn’t matter if that first draft is woeful, it’s what you do with that germinating narrative that matters. It’s where the magic happens.

Flash Fiction can be a few sentences to 500 words … in my challenge, it’s 500. That’s an achievable length and long enough to give you a story with guts. You generally write more than 500 and then whittle back until you have left the perfect words. Flash Fiction and poetry have a lot in common.

Why don’t you try it out? If you’d like to join a small, online writing community on Facebook doing just this, get on to the page I set up –  it’s a smaller version of my own Flash Fiction Challenge blog. All you need to do is click to join. The 38-Week Flash Fiction Challenge.

52 week flash fiction imageHere’re some of the topic WORDS in the Flash Fiction Challenges. Could you make a 500 story using one of them? Try it out.  frog / cabbage / atone / autumn / fish / keepsake / mushroom / blue / mushroom / blue / plucky / celestial body / abstract / proof …… etc


Author, Matt Moore has some great tips on how to use this genre successfully. It’s not as easy as you think, but the results are worth it.

Remember, you’re writing a story. It has a beginning, middle and end. And like all stories, it must have character, settings, plot, conflict. Finally, something must change during the story—a character discovers something about him/herself; a simple event has far-reaching consequences.

For more of Matt’s excellent advice, go to his blog page. HOW TO WRITE FLASH FICTION.



3 thoughts on “Crazy about story-making

  1. No problems, Matt. You’ve captured succinctly what Flash Fiction is all about. So many writers I know write anecdotes rather than a narrative. Flash Fiction has so much more potential. I usually write novels and plays for children, but this FF caper I’m on is adding another dimension altogether. Thank you for your wise words – I’ve passed on your article to others on the FB 38-week FF Challenge … to help them ‘get it’.
    Cheerio from Australia. 🙂


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