Mountain of death and life…

As we approach this awesome volcano from the north (in the bus), I thought it was an appropriate time to repost the article I wrote about Mount St Helens back in 2009 when we were last in the States. It began my fascination with the volcanoes along the western side of America. Enjoy the story of this mountain of death.

3 thoughts on “Mountain of death and life…

  1. Thank you, Karen Brooks, Michael Bauer, Sandy Fussell, Kathleen Kelly and Neridah for commenting. Most of your comments ended up on the previous piece I wrote in 2009 after our visit here. 🙂


  2. Haha, that’s funny, Sandy.
    I’m lucky to be ‘personally’ involved with these magnificent landforms. From Ross and his earthquake research to Evelyn, here in Portland where we’re staying at the moment – she works at the Volcano Observatory at Vancover, Oregon.
    It was to the Observatory that Johnstone (who I talk about in this article) called in his last few seconds of life to tell the Vancover people that the volcano was exploding out its side.
    It’s a funny part of life here, and in Seattle that the people live with active volcanoes not that far away from their homes. Just like San Francisco’s earthquake future. And New Zealand too, I guess. 🙂
    Thanks for commenting on the blog! 🙂


  3. There are three things I am afraid of – bears, katanas and volcanoes. Recently my sister asked me when I was going to write about a volcano because I had written about the bears and the swords. I hadn’t even noticed. Still, I don’t think I could research volcanoes. I hid under a pillow when the family watched Dante’s Peak. so I think I will leave the volcanoes to you… (although they do have a sort of awesome grandeur. .)


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