Being excited by art-making again

Now don’t get too excited those of you who want me to paint something for you (no, I haven’t forgotten) … this is just the first stage to get me back into doing something that once meant the world to me – making art.

Detail from my Fire Door

In the days before words took over my life, paint, canvas, the smell of Gum Turpentine (okay, occasionally I do still sniff it once just for nostalgia), beautiful sable brushes, Phthalo Blue, Burnt Sienna washes, filled my senses. My abstract landscapes began to need words to complete what I wanted to say. Then the words became essential in the painting (as in the Element Doors installation) until they existed on their own. That was when I gleefully jumped on the good ship, Authorship

Every now and then, I felt a tinge of regret that writing has become more important to me than making art.

But, as I tentatively dip a toe in the water – quick gestural drawings that no-one will see, freeing up my hand and my eyes once again, reading articles on art making especially in the illustrative field, I’ve begun to rejoice in art like an old friend. 

 There is much to rejoice in the work of Australian illustrators and artists –  like Freya Blackwood, Sarah Davis, Ann James, Gus Gordon, Matt Ottley, Shaun Tan, Lucia Masciullo and a luscious palette of others.  

On the web I can follow the art and illustrating greats too.
Like fabulous, Irish artist and children’s book illustrator, PJ Lynch with his distinctive, beautiful and illustrations of fairy tales and his master draughtsmanship.

 And Tomie dePaola (here’s what he says about his creative process.) And I love my book about the life of Maurice Sendak, Making Mischief … by Gregory Maguire.

Becoming an illustrator for children’s books isn’t one of my goals, but who knows, maybe some of my paintings might lend themselves to a narrative. Most of my art has a narrative of its own already, but that’s not the point, is it.

Anyway, for the time being I’ll paint and draw as the whim takes me, when I need to get away from the stories I have on the go. Oh, for a life on the high seas!

Just kidding, wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.  

5 thoughts on “Being excited by art-making again

  1. Beautiful work Sheryl. Sadly I had only a teeny inkling of this talent of yours – I didn’t realise its breadth.

    How fortunate you are to possess two such wonderful talents. I hope you continue to enjoy them both!



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