10 brilliant days at the Ipswich Festival of Children’s Literature

What a highlight to my year so far! Being the Writer-in-Residence and on-site blogger at the Ipswich Festival of Children’s Literature has proved to be as exciting and inspiring as I’d hoped.

With 27 blogs over 10 days on-site, great conversations with authors and illustrators over 5-star meals, lots of laughs and hundreds of images later, I’m now home recovering in more ways than one. (A hazard when working with kids is the ease one picks up a flu virus).

I’m so grateful that the Festival organiser, Jenny Stubbs picked me to be their inaugural blogger. It was a wonderful opportunity to do what I love most, sharing my stories and the love of story with young children, mixing with some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s best children’s authors, illustrators and storytellers, taking photographs with my lovely Canon 550D DSLR, and of course, blogging.

In case you missed the blogs, here is the LINK TO THE FESTIVAL SITE.

Here are some (from 3000+) of my images taken on site…

With Michael Bauer, Chris Bongers, Chris Cheng and Oliver Phommavanh
Storyteller, Tanya Batt in full swing
Gus Gordon and Lucia Masciullo
From inside Woodlands, the historic house
One of the sublime Woodlands (Marburg) sunrises
Colleen from Hymba Yumba Indigenous School


4 thoughts on “10 brilliant days at the Ipswich Festival of Children’s Literature

  1. They are stellar photos all of them Sheryl of a seriously stellar event. Well done to you and all involved. See you in two year’s time there (if not before 😉 )


  2. Yes, Lia, they were made by very clever iron welders back in the 1890s – I guess a small factory made the cast iron fret work in Brisbane and they transported them up to Marburg by carriage. The historic building has a fascinating history – from family home in the early 1990 to a rest home for missionaries evacuated from New Guinea during World War II, then sold to a private school in 1986, and then bought by a local family in 2002. It’s leased to run as a corporate, conference centre etc. It and the grounds have the most perfect place to host a Writing Conference.


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