Coming soon: blogging on ‘Votive’ – Karen Brooks’ new novel

  To celebrate the release of Karen Brooks‘ new novel, VOTIVE today (book 2 in the trilogy, Curse of the Bond Riders) I’ll be chatting with this gorgeous and talented Australian author about the books and life as a writer and a social commentator (with a regular page in Brisbane’s Courier Mail).

Karen has been insulted by the best and worst of them – like football ‘mouth from the south’, Sam Newman who called Karen a  ‘six two transvestite Sheila’ on national TV. No wonder I have such high respect for her! She is tall and she is beautiful! And she is a brilliant writer.


I read TALLOW, the first in the series and fell in love with the story, the characters (especially the remarkable Tallow) and the setting so reminiscent of Renaissance Venice. I had high hopes of feeling the same about VOTIVE.

The lovely Leonie Tyle lent me her copy recently (she was the Woolshed Press editor of Tallow). And what is my verdict?

Read my upcoming interview with Karen to find outCOMING SOON!!


3 thoughts on “Coming soon: blogging on ‘Votive’ – Karen Brooks’ new novel

  1. Hi Lexie and Shery,
    You should read the emails and snail mail I get from readers… Everything from death threats to abuse and even offers of sex! But I also get some absolutely lovely emails and letters and not always from people who agree with my viewpoint but they express their difference of opinion in such articulate and interesting ways. Quite the antidote to the angry, rude people!


  2. Lexie, Karen’s articles are always intelligent and thought-provoking, I love them too. I like to imagine all those stuffy, narrow-minded people who get their noses out of joint when reading Karen’s words too, lol.


  3. Hello Sheryl,

    Looking forward to it. I always read with interest Karen Brook’s articles in the Courier Mail.


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