Lounging Lizard’s Tale … a short story in pictures

Okay, I’m allowed to play around today – I finished the story I’ve been writing and need some play-time creativity.

Here’s a little slide show I made – if it makes you laugh and brightens up your day, leave a comment and a big smile.

First, the back story. A baby Eastern Water Dragon turned up in our backyard in suburban Brisbane – maybe from the local creek. It lived around our pond, spending its days catching insects, dodging butcher birds, soaking up the sun, diving into the pond and generally having fun.


After 4 months, it disappeared – heading off towards the creek. It would’ve had to go through another backyard, across a road, across an open park before reaching the creek. I hope it made it! At least, I have my photos to remember the delight of watching at close range what a wild creature does all day.

Here’s my very short SLIDE SHOW of one day’s worth of photography with this wee creature. Click to advance images. Enjoy! 🙂

Lounging Lizard Tale by Sheryl Gwyther_2

©  Sheryl Gwyther 2011


15 thoughts on “Lounging Lizard’s Tale … a short story in pictures

  1. That’s lovely Sheryl. I live in the country and i love all these creatures.. The cat brought in a baby dragon lizard the other day and I picked it up to take it outside and it bit me. It was so funny, fierce little fellow. It wouldn’t have been more than 2 inches long.
    We also have a frog residing in each of the toilets. I called one Lucy because it has such a pretty face and the other one is Butch.


  2. Love this Sheryl…..Lol….love the sun-tanning and stretched out poses….some gorgeous pics 🙂


  3. ahh. story was too short but what little of it there was, made my evening.


  4. He did have a real personality! The funniest pictures (which I can’t find) are the ones where he jumped back out of the pond covered in duck week, looking like some miniature green water-monster, and then proceeded to clean very precisely around his face and legs and ate the tiny bits of weed held in his hand (?).


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