Once upon a time, in a far away place…PART 1

In conversation with Angela Sunde, newly-published author…

I love fairytales. There’s something timeless and classic about their stories. Pond Magic is proof of this – a thoroughly modern setting and cast with a familiar ring of magic and message.  Angela Sunde My guest today is children’s author, Angela Sunde. Angela is a fellow Queenslander and good friend who lives in a beautiful part of the country, the Gold Coast hinterland.

With her first novel, Pond Magic firmly under her belt, Angela is living her own personal fairytale – to become a children’s author. Her book for 10-12 year-olds is one of this year’s Aussie Chomps, Penguin Australia’s successful and highly sought after imprint.

Rather than interview Angela or get her to write an article for my blog, I’ve decided we should have an online conversation. So she has no idea what direction I might take (and neither do I!). Who knows where this will end up?

FOR MORE ON TRADITIONAL FAIRY TALES and Angela Sunde, the Frog Prince story and its link to Pond Magic, click on the rest of this blog on SherylGwyther4Kids blog.


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