The Night for Princesses and Clowns

Princess Clown is now well and truly launched!

Well done to my very good friends, Ross Clark (poet and author) and children’s author, Ally Howard for helping my new book’s launch!

Ross Clark (MC)

Ross is the best Bard, I know (a live one anyway). He did a noble and entertaining job as MC for the night  – what a man!

Then Ally officially launched my book after speaking of the many years we have supported each other in our writing. She is my muse, optimistic supporter and astute and insightful critiquer of my writing work – what a woman!

Thank you to both of your for your help and your energy. 🙂

with Ally in her Princess Clown costume

Guests included my lovely family and friends from many areas of my life, including teaching, community and the writing world.  My family and friends took away any worries for me with the food, drink, bookselling part of the launch. (Even my mum’s exploding cherrios were a hit!)

The children who came dressed the part with painted faces, clowny clothes and princesses with crowns. They also drew pictures of clowns and princesses and learned to juggle with Steve, Ally’s husband. I’ll post some of their drawings soon.

Thank you lovely people from the world of children’s writing! Julie Nickerson; Belinda Jeffrey; Pamela Rushby; Chris Bongers; Angela Sunde; Dominique Gardiner; Lynn Priestley; Leonie Tyle, Woolshed Press publisher and wonderful supporter of authors; Speakers Ink manager, Helen Bain (ditto); Beth Green, president of Book Links and past president of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (Qld branch) ditto; Judith Russell, president of the state branch of the May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust  and like all the previous mentioned, a firm supporter of children’s writers.

Callan, Samara and Taylor

Author, Angela Sunde also brought with her a DVD of her young niece, Larisa aged 8, reading her copy of Princess Clown. Thank you, Larisa – a noble effort from you too! Maybe we’ll post it on YouTube.

The winner of the framed print of my oil painting, Inside is Beth Green. Lovely to think a part of me will hang on Beth’s wall!! 🙂



17 thoughts on “The Night for Princesses and Clowns

  1. Hi Sheryl, glad it went well, looking forward to seeing more photos, heard about the exploding cheerios. Would have liked to have been there, Brad could have done his juggling act. See you soon.xxxx


  2. You’ll definitely get an invite to the next one, Michael! Although Charlie & the Red Hot Chilli Pepper will be before ‘you know what’. 🙂


  3. Hi Sheryl. What a great night! So disappointed I couldn’t be there to share in the fun. Oh well there’s always the next one!


  4. Oh looks like so much fun – wish I could have made it.

    Congrats again my friend – the drought is over and you have books (plural) on your shelf with your name on the spine.

    I am soooooooo proud of your perseverance and continued strength, in your writing. You are a jewel any princess would be proud to put in her crown – even your clown princess needed some bling to bring her to life – and you were it!

    Bye 4now


  5. Gorgeous pictures, Sheryl.

    Looks like you had a fantastic time. Sorry I couldn’t be there. Congratulations to you on the a fabulous launch for your wonderful new book Princess Clown.



  6. Sheryl, it looks like you had a fantastic evening. I’m sure the family was represented well with Mum and Dad there.
    Congratulations on the launch of this great little story!!
    Meryl xxxx


  7. Glad the night was such a great success – sorry I missed it… got waylaid by a bug of some description. Ross would have been a great MC – he has such a great speaking voice.
    cheers, Maree


  8. I’m so glad the night was such a huge success and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you. Huge congratulations on the launch of PRINCESS CLOWN and I hope she somersaults off bookshelves into kids’ hands everywhere.


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