Blog tour day 7: ‘Animals as sidekicks’

Sidekicks abound in literature, on the stage and in movies – think Samwise Gamgee to Frodo Baggins, Dr Watson to Sherlock Holmes and one of my very favourites, the dæmon, Pantalaimon to Lyra Silvertongue in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials‘ trilogy. Pantalaimon is the cautious and level-headed counterpoint to Lyra’s impulsive, inquisitive, and sometimes reckless character.

If you want to read more check out my guest blog, “Animals as sidekicks” on Australian author, Sandy Fussell’s site is on this topic. If you write stories, who are the sidekicks you use? In literature and movies who are your favourite sidekicks? Leave a comment.

This is Day 7 of my blog tour for the launch of Princess Clown. If you would like to read the other guest blogs and interviews, check out the topics.

Sandy Fussell is the author of the Samurai Kids series, the recently published Jaguar Warrior, Polar Boy and heaps more of exciting, interesting kids’ books. Check out her work!


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