‘Princess Clown’ is on her way

My newest story, Princess Clown is on its way. This chapter book for 7-8 year olds, will be used in classrooms as part of Blake Publishing‘s fiction series called Gigglers Blue.

They’re called chapter books because to young readers taking their first steps into the wonderful world of reading they look like the ‘real’ books older brothers and sisters read.

As you can tell from the Gigglers title, the eight books in the collection are designed to appeal to kids, to make them laugh and want to read.

I’m hoping kids will love reading Princess Clown as it snaps along with humour and its theme, follow your dream whatever the odds – although, for Princess Belle this passion almost ends in disaster.

Haven’t seen the complete book yet, but I’m sure Sian Naylor’s illustrations will sing with colour and movement. This particular front cover image doesn’t show where the grey bits are silver foil, so it will sparkle too – just like any story about a princess with a passion should!

Keep your eyes open for it at educational supplies shops nationwide, in libraries or online.


13 thoughts on “‘Princess Clown’ is on her way

  1. I am giggling already just wondering who Princess Clown zaps with that ring and what other mischief she gets up to. Can’t wait! Congratulations, Sheryl!

    Angela 🙂


  2. Yay Sheryl – Princess Clown sounds wonderful, and I always wanted one of those zapper rings!


  3. You could get a job in sales and marketing with Blake Ed, Sheryl. This is such a polished piece of praise. Very inviting.

    And I want to hear your excitement when you hold that sparkling book!


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