‘Corn Dolly Dead’ sees the light of day…

It’s always exciting to see a story you wrote in print – even if it’s a short story. But especially if it is included in an anthology with a whole lot of fabulous Aussie authors, and the book looks pretty spiffy.

black dog books have released their SHORT AND SCARY anthology and I am thrilled that my short story, Corn Dolly Dead is one of a whole bunch of excellent stories, poems and illustrations. The editor is Karen Tayleur and the book is suitable for the 10-14 age range.  ISBN: 1742031331

Some of the award-winning authors in the book include James Moloney, Gabrielle Wang, James Roy, Sally Rippin, Carole Wilkinson, Terry Denton and Andy Griffiths. And there are dozens more excellent Australian writers with some really creepy stories.

black dog books are donating the proceeds of SHORT AND SCARY to Australian youth mentoring programs like Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Here is an extract, the first paragraph of Corn Dolly Dead.

There were hundreds laid out in neat, golden rows in the display cabinets, hanging by their necks in the shop window, twirling in the air conditioner’s draft……


12 thoughts on “‘Corn Dolly Dead’ sees the light of day…

  1. Phew! Glad to hear that, Sheryl! Hope there’s some way we in the UK can obtain a copy. Got a bit confused, as there’s another book called Short & Scary by Louise Cooper.


  2. Never fear, Gillian. As usual it’s the humans who are the baddies, not the poor corn dolly! I bought my first corn dolly on a trip to the UK when I was 19 (a long time ago) – loved it and the legends around them, but I lost it in a house move, unfortunately.


  3. Thanks, seachanges! Not sure if Short and Scary has been released overseas yet, but it is available online. Must check out your blog to see what you’ve been up to lately. 🙂


  4. Loved the title of the story and the anthology. Short stories are my favourite too, though the 800 word restriction would have been too tough for me. Have been following your blog on Scribblerati, Sheryl.


  5. Just got my copy too – looking forward to reading your story, Sheryl. It looks like a great collection!


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