Poster boy grows up….

You may have noticed on this blog and also on the SAVING AUSSIE BOOKS blog, the frequent use of a campaign poster of a toddler reading a book … it was our boy, David at 12 months or so.

Poster for the SAVING AUSSIE BOOKS campaign

Just had to share a recent photo of David. Now he is 22 and this week he graduated from University of Queensland with a Science degree (majoring in Physics).

His family and friends are of course, proud of David and his achievements over the past three years, and wish him well for his Honours year in 2010.

David in 2009


4 thoughts on “Poster boy grows up….

  1. What beautiful pictures Sheryl. A very proud mum who introduced books to her son at an early age, look at the result! Congratulations David on your achievement.


  2. Two fabulous photos. Shows the power of early interaction with books!
    Congratulations, David.


  3. Still very photogenic:-) Congratulations David on a great achievement…and of course to his proud parents:-)



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