Not waving … drowning!

Amity Beach, Stradbroke Island, off Brisbane.
Amity Beach, Stradbroke Island, off Brisbane.

This blog has been silent for a couple of weeks – not just because I’ve been caught up in the increasingly ferocious (well, as ferocious as authors get) Parallel Importation of Books debate, but because of three looming writing deadlines I must fulfill before mid-May. Yes, it feels like drowning…

Good news is, two have been reached and dispatched. ONE MORE TO GO! And I’m off to Stradbroke Island for the long weekend with notebook in tow and ideas in my head.

For those of you who don’t know the joys of Straddie – it’s an island off the coast of Brisbane, a jewel in Moreton Bay.  Stradbroke Island is the sort of place everyone needs to escape to every now and then to lift the spirits.

Have included two images.

I’ve included in this post the link to another blog I write…   dénouement

It’s an ‘enjoying writing blog’ as opposed to a ‘hard-slog-blog’  such as this one.

Straddie Island - a haven for a writer.


4 thoughts on “Not waving … drowning!

  1. Love the photos of the pelicans and seagulls and the beach. It reminds me of down our way. I take my share of beach and pelican photos too.
    As to eavesdropping, would us writers do that? You bet we do. Great story starters.


  2. I stay with my friend in Kindara Street. Favourite things to do: drink copious cups of Billy tea with our feet up on the back deck’s railing; fresh crunchy bread from the Dunwich bakery; walk from Flinders Beach to Cylinder along the sand (dodging the bloody 4WDrivers); explore the Keyhole Lakes and buy fresh prawns from the fisherman down the road.


  3. Hey Sheryl

    Great photos. When we were kids my family holidayed in an old house at Amity. Three other families of cousins also had holiday houses (shacks?) there at the same time. There were literally dozens of my cousins to play and have adventures with and we all got on well together. We had so much fun exploring, swimming, fishing off the wooden jetting and spotting the fish and sting rays in the water. The was also an old bakery that smelled like heaven. Best holiday ever.


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